The Future of Places III
Compendium of Academic Papers


Theme: Inclusive Cities and the Place of Gender
Chair: Joanna Alimanestianu
Room: Prins Eugens salong

Armillas-Tiseyra, Rocio and Mwai, Angela
Safer Cities Metholodogy: Public space as the medium

Matan, Annie
Designing public spaces based on use: The examples of Perth, Western Australia, and Pune, India

Papachristou, Ioanna Anna and Rosas-Casals, Martí
An Integrative Methodology for the Quality of Life Measurement in Urban Places Based on the Accomplishment of Human Need

Randhawa, Jasdeep
Public Space – The Conduit for Realizing Human Rights in Cities for All

von Heland, Fanny, Westerberg, Pontus and Nyberg, Marcus
Using Minecraft as a citizen participation tool in urban design and decision making

UN Expert: Angela Mwai, UN-Habitat

Theme: Children and Youth   
Chair: Kathy Madden     
Room: Danviken

Campus, Giovanni
First Contact with the Extra-Pedestrians: Multi-level Narrative and Urban Actions for a Peaceful Invasion

Chan, Deland, Hsu, Kevin and Rogers, Maryanna
Renewing Places for People: Training Human-Centered Designers and Planners to Foster Inclusive Cities

Joyati Das (Presentation only)
World Vision International

Inglis, Stewart, Allan, Helen, Hague, Cliff and Biberbach, Petra
Young Placemakers™ – Lessons for youth involvement from an innovative Scottish project

UN Expert: Douglas Ragan, UN-Habitat

Theme: Health   
Chair: Michael Mehaffy 
Room: Waldemarsudde

Chidambara (Ms)
Greening the ‘last’ mile to transit: Place making for healthier and sustainable mobility

Easton, Carol
Therapeutic Planning in our urban Fabric – From City Beautiful to the Healthy City

Ellery, J. and Ellery, P.J.
Sense of Coherence as a Measure in Placemaking

Ghavampour, Ensiyeh, Vale, Brenda and Del Aguila, Mark
Theory of Place in Public Space
Nature as a Design Element in Small Urban Public Spaces

de Oliveira, Francis Graeff  and Neto, Arnoldo Debatin
(Note: Colleagues have given their regrets and paper will be discussed in absentia)
Street Affordances; Human-Environment Interaction in the Design Process of Urban Space

UN Expert: Dr. Carlos Dora, WHO

Theme: Environment   
Chair: Harrison Fraker   
Room: Djurgårdssalen

Adam, Robert
Public Space and the Problems of Practice

Astbury, Janice
Emergent Placemaking

Hall, Richard A.
Beyond the Street Fights: Policy for Context Based Transportation Design

Rofe', Yodan
The Hidden Villain: The perverse role of public open space standards in destroying urbanism and reducing sustainability
(Note: Paper is not yet available for download)

UN Expert: Stefanos Fatiou, UNEP

Theme:  Security
Chair: Ethan Kent
Room: Saltsjökvarn   

Assiago, Juma and Munive, Alex (NOTE: Presented by Cecilia Andersson)
Because I Am a Girl: A Global Analysis

Gotsch, Peter, Roji Ayanda, Calvo, Blanca, and Obregon, Itzel
Towards an urban approach for liveable and safe public spaces and parks for Johannesburg
Second related paper, by Gotsch, Peter, Andersson, Cecilia, Chong, Jose and Roji, Ayanda: 
Exploring the three prongs of Legislation and Governance, Planning& Design, and Finance & Economy: Towards safe and prosperous parks and public spaces - Three cases from Johannesburg (Gotsch, Andersson, Chong and Roji)

Smits, Michiel
Enhancing security by instating the “shared” space as negotiator between private and public spaces

Wall, Ed
Uneven relations: making, remaking and unmaking public space in London

UN Expert: Dr. Cindi Smith, UNICRI

Theme: Economy
Chair: Chuck Bohl
Room: Solliden

Crispi, Gianluca
The Law of Public Spaces

Helmy, Mona
Creative Places as a Strategy for the Development of Cities

Iglesias, Borja
Race against the failed cities: Urban [Data] Planning and Inclusive Governance at Intermediary [Informal] Cities

Lathia, Saumya and Deore, Prithvi (Note: Colleagues have given their regrets and paper will be discussed in absentia)
Contributions of Street Vendors in Making Streets 'Public'

Sobiech-Grabka, Katarzyna G.
Cities for our grandchildren: PPP projects undertaken with responsibility towards future generations

Yi, Li and Firley, Eric
Cheap public space and the art of negotiation: Strategies for the provision of publicly accessible space through the private sector, and a proposal of how to communicate, compare and appraise their impact

UN Expert: Gianluca Crispi, UN-Habitat

Theme: Heritage
Chair: Tigran Haas
Room: Manngrynskvarnen

Abada, Galal and Al Raddadi, Tallal
The Reconstructed Public Places in Sacred Cities: The Case of Al Madinah AlMunwwarah Civic Centers, Saudi Arabia

Corte-Real, Madalena
Historic Centres: Places for All

Poole, Ian
Managing the car in the historic built environment: Giving places back to people

Tiwari, Sudarshan Raj
From Past Paths to Future Walks: Reading and Learning From the Traditional Streets of Kathmandu Valley Towns

UN Expert: TBD

Theme: Urban Form
Chair: Paul Murrain
Room: Room: Gyllene salen

Cai, Jiaixu
Thinking in Forms as well as Patterns: An Integrated Framework for Urban Morphology, A Pattern
Language and Urban Design

Jiang, Bin
Wholeness as a hierarchical graph to capture the nature of space

Narvaez, Laura
The Morphology of Mixed Uses

Schocken, Hillel and Bernardino, Raquel Loudermir
The Urban Genome: A Universal Toolkit for Cities

Scoppa, Martin
Street Connectivity Indices in Urban Growth Planning: A Case for Context-Driven Urban Expansion in Solo, Indonesia

UN Expert: Raf Tuts, UN-Habitat



Acheson, Arthur and Boal, Marianne O’Kane
Experimental Learning: Public Realm as Laboratory

Adamczak, Martyna
New Tools for Designing Places in a Cultural Urban Studies Perspective

Del Aguila, Mark
Some Observations on Population Health, Intelligent Design and the Residential Architecture of Food

Elena, Chani, Anastasia, Chondros, Christos, and Koutsari, Maria
Creative ecosystems and new commons in the crisis-ridden Athenian urban factory

Ataol, Ozlemnur and Erdonmez, Ebru
Sense of Place in Istabul: “One day a month, the street belongs to us”

Bacvic, Dina
Making the Connection: Study of a Japanese Superblock

Barbosa, Janaina Teles and Ferreiea Roda, Rui Miguel
Ephemeral Public Spaces in the Reinvention of Affection: Three Urban Experiences from Brazil

Capra, Carlo, Jachnow, Alexander, Ruijsink, Saskia, Tsatsou, Alexandra, Zamora Auza, Barbara, and Zuiderwijk, Linsa
The role of knowledge institutions in placemaking

Castelli, Carlo
Can we afford public space?

de Haan, Pieter
Can Shared Space contribute to the Future of Places?

Di Maddaloni, Francesco
Rethinking the Role of Local Communities in Megaprojects. A Review and Synthesis of the Literature

Di Monte, Patrizia and Grávalos, Ignacio
Estonoesunsolar: Urban Sustainable Regeneration

Drucker, Susan, Gumpert, Gary and Haratonik, Peter
Public Space Redux: The Technologizing of Public Space

Dunda, Dunja
Placemaking: The Politics of Transformation

Estepa, Juan and Forrest, Kenneth
A Tale of Two Main Streets: The Elements of Sustainable Placemaking as Seen Through the Evolution of Queen and Main Streets in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Farias, Ana
Urban prototyping on a pedestrian walkway in Sao Paulo Brazil, according the
“12 criteria of good public space”

Gallardo Morales, Mariana
The communication processes as a civic renewal agent in the public space: Regina Pedestrian Cultural Corridor case study

Garnica Monroy, Reuben and Solorzano Gil, Agustin
VOCACIONES. From an urban vision to architectural projects

Goxha, Venera
Prizren: Towards a healthy city

Hisari, Lorika
Placemaking in a Tranbsitional Society: Production of 'Contradicted' Spaces

Jana, Arnab, Bardhan, Ronita, and Sarkar, Sayantani
Future Place Making in Mumbai: Analyzing Mumbai Development plan 2034

Janches, Flavio
Whose city is it?  Dynamics for Socio-Territorial Urban Integration

Lahoti, Rohit
Pulsating urban spaces of city in instrumentation of newer urban spaces: Enhancing the scale of newer urban spaces with regional spatial identities

Liao, Siyu
The Spontaneous Activity of Place Making: Chinese square dancing that activates city open space and reconstructs communal identity

Lin, Ying-Tzu
Farming the Right to the City: Case Studies of Community-based Urban Farming on Micro-urban Public Space in Amsterdam

Mahmoud, Israa Hanafi ElSayed Hanafi
When Public Spaces Become Symbols of Identity: An application to Bibliotheca Alexandrina Plaza of Civilisations, Alexandria, Egypt

Mosha, A.C.
The Use and Misuse of Public Open Spaces in Botswana: Case Study, Gaborone, Botswana

Muhoro, Teckla
Factors that Contribute to Sustainable Public Open Spaces – the Case of Nairobi

Nam, Jinvo and Dempsey, Nicola
Rethinking urban green spaces: acceptable and feasible landscape management practices for 21st century parks

Ng, Mee Kam
Public Space for Human Flourishing: An Integrated Ecosystem Approach

Pawlikowska–Piechotka, Anna
Public Participation and Sustainable Urban Tourism Development: A New Strategy for Warsaw

Petrillo, Daniela and Rebaglio, Agnese
Reassuring Placemaking

Pita, Maria João
How is your street? Questioning and creating urban design tools towards more humanized places.

Potestà, Giovanna
Making Successful Urban Places: An A Posteriori Critique of the Area Ex-Fiat in Florence

Rao, Sridevi
Urban Networks of Place: The Case of Hyderabad, India

Ray, Raktim and Singh, Rhiya
Mega Projects and Deterritorialization of Public Spaces: Case of Musi Riverfront Development, Hyderabad, India

Razak, S.Y.
Last Mile Commute: An Integral Component and Driver of Sustainability of Passengers Accessibility in Urban Transport

Shinde, Vikrant A.
Removing Barriers And Inserting Reforms To Promote A Stronger Public Realm

Tindwani, Sashi
Places and Placemaking in India

Tonnarelli, Francesco
Running in the City: Urban-Based Running as a Performative Critique of Contemporary Greater Cairo

Vallance, Suzanne
Permission to experiment, the right to fail, and the opportunity to succeed: The role of temporary use in building resilient cities

Yagod, Maier
Mémoire en route: Jerusalem’s Route No. 1, a Study in Motion, Observation based Theoretical Insights and Opportunities for Advancing a Growing Public Space

Zhang, Tingwei
Contemporary Urban Design in Chinese Cities

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