Are tall buildings the answer to sustainability, affordability and

Despite boosterish claims, the evidence is troubling. 
Judge for yourself:

A white paper summarizing research, with citations.

A case study report from Paris, France.

A letter from Professor Patrick Condon, director of the graduate urban design program at the University of British Columbia, about the cautionary case study of Vancouver, Canada.

An article by Sustasis Executive Director in Better Cities and Towns discussing the research.

A letter of testimony on the Portland height debate from Sustasis Executive Director Michael Mehaffy.

Testimony from Michael Mehaffy, Sustasis Executive Director, before the Portland City Council on plans to raise building heights.  (Click here or below.)

PBS program by Moyers & Company on "The long dark shadows of plutocracy".

Article by Taz Loomans on "7 reasons why high rises kill livability".

Essay by UK architecture critic Peter Buchanan on irresponsible architecture.

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