Sustasis Foundation

WikiPLACE: Our new scenario-modeling tool innovates in several important ways
WikiPLACE (Wiki-based, Pattern-Language-based, Adaptive Calculator of Externalities) is now in development, with beta-testing on several projects. 
Features include:

- Entirely open-source technology allows transparency, peer-to-peer development and collaborative improvement.
- Designed to work in modular format with other open-source planning tools and systems.
- Wiki-based format maximizes transparency, user-friendliness and agile development.
- Pattern language capability allows object-oriented approach to modeling for rapid, user-friendly, effective modeling.
- JSON code allows metrics to be continuously displayed and recalculated using transparent, peer-reviewed functions -
  no more "black box," no more broken spreadsheet links.
- "Federated wiki" system (simultaneously developed by our board member Ward Cunningham) maximizes capacity to share
  and develop the technology.

Our current focus is on greenhouse gas emissions, for which we are doing doctoral research.  But the software is fully capable of handling many
kinds of scenario-modeling metric calculations, including economic return, tax implications, and other hidden "externalities" -- long-term
costs and benefits that are normally not considered.  

Once these factors are able to be modeled, they are also able to be priced, and their benefits or costs can be "monetized."

Applications could easily include documentation of carbon credits for trading, tax credit applications, municipal return-on-investment analysis, and
creation of financial instruments like municipal bonds.  With wiki-based transparent documentation of all functions,  hyper-linking to peer-reviewed
research, the model output can be audited and verified easily by third parties.

Most important as a long-term brealthrough, peer-to-peer development of the model means it can become much more accurate and useful.  Because it
can, over time, identify and reinforce effective new strategies, the system can serve as a useful research tool in its own right.

Click here to download a Powerpoint presentation on the system.