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80 new patterns address new challenges, including rapid urbanization, declining public space, urban sustainability, new technology, economic tools and strategies, geometric patterns, and more. A print version is combined with an on-line “companion” repository of these and other new patterns, based on Ward Cunningham's new federated wiki. Ward was the inventor of Wiki, and a pioneer of "pattern languages of programming" -- for which he developed the first wiki. His new "federated wiki" has exciting new capabilities which we hope to exploit in the new repository. Ward is a board member of Sustasis Foundation (home of Sustasis Press).

APLFGR COver Our goal is to exploit the powerful successes of wikis, pattern languages of programming, and other outgrowths of pattern languages, returning again to the challenges of cities, buildings, and public spaces. We are collaborating with a number of
former students and colleagues of Christopher Alexander, as well as others who have used pattern languages effectively in other domains. We are also working with UN-Habitat, and with others in countries around the world. We want to make a tool that allows people in any part of the world to use, edit, add, revise and develop their own pattern languages for their own projects, contributing at the same time to a growing resource of patterns for others to share.

We welcome your interest in this open-source project. Please email your comments and other collaboration ideas to Michael "dot" Mehaffy at the Gmail domain. (Download the low-res
PDF copy by clicking on the image of the book cover.)

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